Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

This is where I will Go When .....

This is where i will go to when,

i feel relentless anxiety worrying about those i love.
i feel overwhelmed with wanting to do more and not
having the time.
i feel selfish for complaining when my life is so good.
i feel stupid and not capable in my job.
i feel badly for my sarcastic language.
i feel icky because my belly feels pudgy from too
many french fries.
i feel lazy because i haven't accomplished multiple
tasks off my to-do list.
i feel confusion over the timing of things.
i feel sad because i feel everything so deeply.
i feel tired from listening and guilty for feeling that way.
i feel pissed from not saying what i really want to say.

i will go to this place, and imagine that big blue ocean in front me,
and how peaceful and calm i felt..... and how empty my mind was
there from bombarding thoughts...and how helpful it was to have a
break from the chatter...and how connected i feel to god
when i can be still.

this is where i will go.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What do Angels Look Like?

What Do Angels Look Like?

Like the little old lady who returned
~ your wallet yesterday.

Like the taxi driver who told you that your eyes
~ light up the world, when you smile.

Like the small child who showed you
~ the wonder in simple things.

Like the poor man who offered to
~ share his lunch with you.

Like the rich man who showed you that it
~ really is all possible, if only you believe.

Like the stranger who just happened to come along,
~ when you had lost your way.

Like the friend who touched your heart,

~ when you didn't think you had one to touch.

Angels come in all sizes and shapes,

~ all ages and skin types.

Some with freckles, some with dimples,

~ some with wrinkles, some without.

They come disguised as friends, enemies,
~ teachers, students, lovers and fools.

They don't take life too seriously,
~ They travel light.

They leave no forwarding address,
~ They ask nothing in return.

They wear sneakers with gossamer wings,
~ They get a deal on dry cleaning.

They are hard to find when your eyes are
closed, but

They are everywhere you look,
~ when you choose to see.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday ... Monday.

It's Monday. Only one more week and I return to work. Wow did that time go by fast. I did not accomplish as much as I would have liked while off. But I had a very relaxing time. I did do alot of reading. I saw several movies. Spent time with friends and family. And did alot of thinking. As I always do. And I also had a much deserved vacation at the end of June. Which really brought alot to my thought process. I dread going back to work. I usually always feel this way in the beginning of my return back. And then it subsides. This time I think alot of the dread comes from the uncertainty of the job. Hopefully it won't turn out to be as bad as predicited. No sense in worrying about things until they happen.

I have spent alot of time reading this summer. I hope to continue. Right now I have alot of the new books checked out from the library. Hoping to get them all read before I have to take them back. I also purchased some books from They are books about beach living. They have been on my wish list for awhile. I ordered them used. Usually by now I have bought several audio books to take back to work. Not this year. I am going to try to get by with checking audio books out from the library. Until I can get to the outlet mall so I can buy them at bargain prices.

I am trying to save money. I have cut back on somethings here. Once I start back to work I am going to put myself on a budget again. And see if I can save money each paycheck. I want that trip in December to Florida. So we will see how bad I want it by how well I can stick to a budget. I know I can do much better than I have been.

I really want to simplfy my life. Cut out all the junk. Get rid of things I don't need. Including clothes and useless things. Unclutter my life so to speak. I think I am a packrat. Much like my mom except my mom was neat about it. Organized. I am not. I want to do better. How do you learn to purge the things that you don't need? I don't understand why I feel connected to things so much. They are just things. Not people. I attach meaning to things. Somethings are ok. But Not EVERYTHING. There is a difference. I need to find a way to purge the junk. Wish me luck.

Watching the weather channel. Hurricane Katrina hit hard. And I think I want to live in Florida or on the beach? And deal with things like this 5 months out of the year. I guess it's not much different than the snow here or the tornados. Being on the beach the rest of the time would be the reward. I could handle it.

Ok I think I have purged my thoughts for now. I have that word stuck in my brain lately. Too bad I have trouble using it in the real sense.
I am outta here.

Ciao for now

~ Diva'

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Listen ....

There is a voice inside of you
that whispers all day long,
"I feel that this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong."
no teacher, preacher, parent, friend
or wise man can decide
what's right for you- just listen to
the voice that speaks inside."

~ Shel Silverstein

Friday, August 26, 2005

This Moment

This Moment

I may never see tomorrow; there is no written guarantee, And things that happened yesterday belong to history, I cannot predict the future, I cannot change the past, I have just the present moment, I must treat it as my last, I must use this moment wisely for it soon will pass away, and be lost to me forever as part of yesterday, I must exercise compassion, help the fallen to their feet, Be a friend unto the friendless, make an empty life complete, The unkind things I do today may never be undone, And friendships that I fail to win may nevermore be won, I may not have another chance on bended knee to pray, And thank God with humble heart for giving me this day.

~ Diva'

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday ~ Hump Day

Why do Wednesdays seem so stressful lately? Hump Day in the past never seemed so bad. But lately I don't know. Today I had to go to the dentist. Something I hate. Finish up a root canal. Finally. So that wasn't so bad. But I woke up this morning after being up most of the night with a mission to try to save or back up everything on my computer. Because I thought it was going to take a dump. Let me tell you how bad Dell Customer Service sucks. ALOT. After being on hold last night for over two hours. I then sat on the phone for another two hours troubleshooting with a tech from India. Not just from India. But she was actually talking to me from India. What is happening to our world? First and foremost it is a bit difficult to troubleshoot and try to fix something when you can barely understand the person trying to help you. It became very frustrating. Nothing was working for the first hour and a half of the call. I started making suggestions and finally we tired them and bingo. My dead computer came alive again. Thank the lord. She still insisted I am going to have to dump my hard drive and reload windows and start over. This is not appealing to me. I want to do everything I can first before I go that route. Of course there was no simple solution like let us send you a new hard drive. It's like lets do everything we can to stress you out to the point of wanting to throw the thing out the window and then maybe just maybe we will send someone out. I have a year left on my warranty. I paid for the service. What am I getting? Nothing. But grief. So I spent most of my time today ( aside from the dental appointment) working on the computer. I ran several cleanup programs and deleted alot of stuff, Defraged, etc. Another tech called me around 4 pm to ask if I was ready to dump my hard drive. Let's do it. I said NO LET'S NOT. Was my reply. I told him I had worked on it all day. Done my back ups and other things and it was running much better. Still insisting I said NO THANK YOU. If something happens it dies tomorrow I will call you back. But right now it is running fine. He used remote access checked it out and said he would change some settings and see if that helped more. And it did. We ended the call with him saying I want to call on Friday and see if you want to reload your windows system then. Why would I if it is working fine now? Communication was not there. But of course he was from India and calling from India again. I would never pay for Dell Customer Support again. In fact I am not sure I would buy another dell at this point.

The rest of the day went fine. I watched a few movies. Tried to relax. Checking every now and then to see if my computer died yet. Here I am so You know it's running fine.

I watched the last episode of " Brat Camp ". It was pretty emotional. I was happy to see that most of the kids involved in the program continue to do well after. I wonder if this will be a series or just a summer program only airing once. It was a good show.
I also watched the movie " Wedding Date ". It was pretty good. I think they tried to make Debra Messing look bad. Some parts she really looked old and unattractive. I like her on "Will and Grace". She is pretty funny on there.

I see another possible hurricane to hit Florida. It looks like on the other side away from my favorite beach. I hope it weakens before it hits. NO part of Florida needs any more hurricanes. The beach cam is down again. It went down last Wednesday also. What is it with Wednesday's.

I see this has turned into a chapter instead of a brief update. I will stop here. Time to relax before bed.

Ciao for now
~ Diva'

Monday, August 22, 2005

Your Possibilities

Apply Persistence to Your Possibilities

Your success is not a matter of idle chance,it's a matter of making the right choices.It's not something you wait for, but rather something you'll achieve with effort. Things won't turn up in this world until you turn them up.
Success is neither magical nor mysterious. The people that truly succeed in the world are the people who look for the circumstances they want,and, if they can't find them, make them. Don't sit on the sidelines, get in the game.

Your access to success has no real limits.
The great opportunity in your life is where you are right now. Every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity for you. You have grand opportunities all around you. Open your eyes, and you will find it.
If you have the desire, you have the power. Taking action is all that is required.

Written by
Copyright 2000

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday ... Weekend Blahs and blues

It has been an emotional weekend. Starting with Friday night and remembering that it was my dad's birthday. My father has been gone since November 04. So not long. I almost made it through the whole day without remembering. Then My sister called to remind me. It hit hard at first. Both my parents are gone. So sometimes it really hits hard that I have no parents. I catch myself at times still wanting to pick up the phone and tell them something. Or I will be out shopping and think of something they need. ( but of course they don't now). Almost buying it and realizing I am a parentless child. There are so many memories that hit at such odd times. Sometimes just watching my sister talk or my brother laugh. I see mom and dad in them. The moodiness of my sister is like my mother. And the stubborness of my brother is my father's trait. I have two brothers and two sisters. One of each still lives here in our home town. The others moved away many years ago. So I do have some family ties. And still alot of unfinished business with my father's estate. Still constant reminders he hasn't been gone long. I wish there was no dying and death in our lives. Why can't people just live forever?

The next case of the blues or depression came when I was getting ready to go to a barbque at a co-worker and friends house. I was worried about a former co-worker and boyfriend being there. I almost didn't go. The barbque was yesterday. I made up my mind to go and have a good time. Knowing he was going to be invited bothered me alot. And then I just told myself... the hell with it. These are my friends. So I went. And guess what? He never showed up. I worried for nothing. I am glad I did not allow it to keep me away. I had a good time. Good food, good fun, good friends.

A few of us even went out afterwords. We just stopped at a bar to hear a band that was playing. A band that was part of all of our pasts. We didn't even know was still together. That was a blast from the past. It was an OK time. Nice to get out for awhile. I miss going out sometimes. Other times I don't even care. Last night was one of those nights I could take it or leave it. I always have to be concerned if I go out and drink that I have to drive home. So it's hard to just drink one or two. Or just drink soda. I made it home safe and sound.

Today I am just trying to clean house and sort through things. Disposing of things I don't need. I start and I stop. I come back to the computer. Slowly getting things done. I want to purge so much from my life. I want a simple, uncomplicated life. I wish I could just move away sometimes and start over. Buy a beach house in florida. Open a book store and just enjoy life. Those are my dreams. I know Dreams do come true. I am working on mine.

Ok I need to get back on track... my cleaning, ridding my life of the junk. I am outta here.

Ciao for now.


Big Mud Puddles and Sunny Yellow Dandelions

Big Mud Puddles and
Sunny Yellow Dandelions

When I look at a patch of dandelions, I see a bunch of weeds that are going to take over my yard.
My kids see flowers for Mom and blowing white fluff you can wish on.

When I look at an old drunk and he smiles at me, I see a smelly, dirty person who probably wants money and I look away.
My kids see someone smiling at them and they smile back.

When I hear music I love, I know I can't carry a tune and don't have much rhythm so I sit self-consciously and listen.
My kids feel the beat and move to it. They sing out the words. If they don't know them, they make up their own.

When I feel wind on my face, I brace myself against it. I feel it messing up my hair and pulling me back when I walk.
My kids close their eyes, spread their arms and fly with it, until they fall to the ground laughing.

When I pray, I say thee and thou and grant me this, give me that.
My kids say, "Hi God! Thanks for my toys and my friends. Please keep the bad dreams away tonight. Sorry, I don't want to go to Heaven yet. I would miss my Mommy and Daddy."

When I see a mud puddle I step around it. I see muddy shoes and dirty carpets.
My kids sit in it. They see dams to build, rivers to cross, and worms to play with.

I wonder if we are given kids to teach or to learn from?
Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
I wish you Big Mud Puddles and Sunny Yellow Dandelions!!!

~Author Unknown

Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday ... The cat children

It is truly a Cat's Life I swear. They have it made don't they?
I wish I could get inside their heads and know what they are thinking. I have 4 of these creatures. All with very different personalities. And lately they have been driving me crazy. You see I get up very early when I am working. Usually I am up at 430am to be to work by 6am.Well, they have a schedule. They want to be fed at that time no matter what. I have been off work ( on leave ) for just about 4 weeks now. No matter what I do to try to change their habit of waking me up that early... I can't.
Even on weekends. You see if you don't get up and feed them .. it's hell to pay. They start getting into things they shouldn't. They knock books off the book shelves on my head. They walk on my head. They bring things to me. At 430 even 530 am heck even 630 am it does not put me in a happy mood. And Now ... they have figured out where the Cat treats are and if I don't get up. Then they get up on the counter and open the cabinet door and go after the cat treats. Can you say spoiled. I created monsters. I love my cats everyone of them. Squeek you see here, and there is Marley, Rosie and Sammy. Each with very different personalities. Squeek and Marley are the men of the house. Marely is also a talker. He walks around meowing... talking to himself.That is when I wish I knew cat language. I am sure I would be shocked. The other two are Sammy ( the oldest) a black female, and Rosie ( the freak ) she has the biggest eyes I have ever seen. And she is kind of spooky. She is also the most timid of them all. She is little by nature. She is the first one to hide when people come by. But come bed time she is the first one in my bed to cuddle with me. And she always has to sleep very close to my head. I love my cats ( kids). Sometimes I am truly fascinated by them. I know if I lived in the country I would have alot more of them. Right now I get harrassed because I have 4. I am the crazy cat lady. I know other people that love cats but find it hard to have more than one. I wouldn't give up any of them. Sammy is the oldest, then Squeek, Roise, and then Marley. I just need to figure them out. I wonder if there is a Cat whisperer out there. I could use one. Marley is walking around talking to himself now. If I go and sit in the recliner he will come and cuddle and sleep in my lap. It's tough to try to read the newspaper these days. I swear when I sit down and pick up the paper it is a cue for all of them to come sit with me. And Rosie always sits in the middle of the paper. Making it impossible to read.
They are truly just like kids. Especially when they decide to start playing. Chasing each other through the house. Or dumping all the cat toys out of the basket. Too bad they don't know how to pick them up. And guess what they are all doing now? Sleeping. It's been a rough morning. After all they have been up since 430am. It truly is a Cat's Life.
I love my Cats ( children).
Ciao for now
~ Diva'

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday ... I've got the Blues

I am feeling in a blah mood tonight. I can't put my finger on what is wrong. I just can't bring myself up and out of this slump. I had a good day. I met some friends for lunch. It turned into a funny bitch fest on men. Per usual. Then I went and did some shopping. Just to the Dollar Tree to pick up paper products and I found a book there. That does not happen often. Then I came back home. Finished reading two books and took them back to the library. I finished "Whispers and Lies" by Joy Fielding and "Eleven on Top" by Janet Evanovich. And then took them back and picked up two more. I now have 4 books here to read. We will see if I can stay in the reading mood.

So all and all not a very exciting day. Tomorrow is Friday. Nothing planned. My niece did call and ask me to go to the movies with her. She wants to see "The Skeleton Key". Of course it is not the type of movie her mom will see. So she called me. I will probably do that in the afternoon. Saturday I am invited to a barbque at a co-worker's house. That should be fun. I will get to see some friends I haven't seen in awhile. And the weather is supposed to be really nice. Temps in the 70's.

I have to get myself out of this rut. I have very little time before I go back to work. I must make the most of that time. Not sure what to do at this point. There are alot of things I want to get done in the next two weeks. But my motivation level is 0. Maybe tomorrow I will feel differently. I hope so. I have beach withdrawal. I know that is what it is. I think of the beach 24/7. I am so out of place here. And now the Beach Cam is down again..... I just wanna go home. Airtran take me away.

Ciao for now ~ Diva'

Tuesday, August 16, 2005



To believe is to know that every day
is a new beginning.
It is to trust that miracles happen,
and dreams really do come true.
To believe is to see angels dancing among the clouds,
To know the wonder of a stardust sky
and the wisdom of the man in the moon.
To believe is to know the value of a nurturing heart,
The innocence of a child’s eyes
and the beauty of an aging hand,
for it is through their teachings we learn to love.
To believe is to find the strength
and courage that lies within us.
When it is time to pick up the pieces and begin again.
To believe is to know we are not alone,
That life is a gift and this is our time to cherish it.
To believe is to know that wonderful surprises
are just waiting to happen,
And all our hopes and dreams are within reach.
If only we believe.

Author Unknown

Monday, August 15, 2005


The weekend was great. I was out and about on Friday and Saturday. I stayed in Sunday. I shopped Friday and Saturday. Buying new clothes for going back to work. I always like to treat myself to some new things. It gets me in a better mood for going back to work. Kind of like going back to school. Everyone needs some new things. My taste is changing. It's hard to explain. Except for the fact that I am needing smaller sizes right now. I feel like I need to have more style. Wear more youthful looking things. Fall is right around the corner. I love the new fall look I am seeing. Alot of browns, greens, earth tones. I don't have to dress up for work so that is a plus. But I like to dress nice. I am by no means a fashion statement. But I like to look put together. Not frumpy.

I also bought a few magazines and books. My weakness. I didn't even make it to Barnes and Noble. I purchased my things at Walmart. B and N would have caused alot more damage I am sure. I will stop there later this week. God help me be strong.

I went house hunting with my sister and BI and niece. I love going to open houses. We only looked at 2 this weekend. The one was totally awesome. Only 289,000. My sister is determined to have a new house. I would be perfectly content to have their house. But she can find a million and one things wrong with it. She wants bigger, and newer, and fancier. My niece graduates in 2 years. Why look at a 4-5 bedroom houses. Most of the brand new or newer houses have at least 4 bedrooms. These houses they have been looking at are HUGE. I could move in with them and they would still have plenty of room. We joke about that alot. I have 4 cats. My sis and BI are all allergic. My niece would be in heaven and they would be in HELL. It is so much fun to look. And dream. But I would be perfectly happy with a shack on the beach.

There is no sunshine this morning. Cloudy and cool. I have alot to get accomplished in the next two weeks. Cloudy and cool weather would probably be good for that. I need some ambition. I did some cleaning yesterday and tossed a few things. I need to purge alot more. I wish I could learn to live a very simple life and get rid of all the things I do not need. My house is cluttered. Mostly with books and magazines. And I must confess.... I have too many clothes. I am working on that. If I buy new I have to get rid of the Old.

Well, I am going to get my day started. I have my coffee. No going back to bed. I have to run here comes the sun.... going for a morning walk.

Ciao for now

~ Diva'

Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday ... A Better Day

It is a better day today. After a rough start to the week I can say I am feeling much better. My brother is on his way back home. My pain from my dental appointment has subsided. Thank God. Yesterday I was in misery. The antibiotics must be working finally. Little if any pain now. I am going to venture out today and do some shopping. I need groceries, and I want to check out some sales. And I of course must check out my favorite place "Barnes and Noble" and see what kind of sales they are having. As if I need even 1 more book. I am a true bookaholic. I even take way too many books out of the library at one time. I wish I could spend my life just reading and reading and reading. So many books so little time.

Music is my second vice. My collection of CDs is huge. I am thinking of buying either an IPOD or a Dell DJ. I haven't made up my mind yet. I will make the purchase before I go back to work. I use my walkman or CD player at work alot. I listen to music and audio books. So a DJ or an IPOD would be great. I started downloading music on Limewire. Saving myself some money. I am debating on whether or not to get the new Faith Hill CD. I listened to it on AOL. I am not sure if I even like it. But it could be the case where it grows on you. I have bought alot of CDs I didn't care for at first and then after playing them more I changed my mind. That has happened with Toby Keith, and a few others. I used to not like Big and Rich. But they are kind of growing on me. I downloaded some of their stuff.

I want to share a photo I like today. But not sure which one to pick. I don't like just putting bare entries without some photo. And I try to pick something that relates. So let me see...... OH here we go.....
YUMMY. I will have one of these when I go to Barnes and Noble. Not sure If I will have strawberry. But right now it sounds really good. I have a hard time making a decision when I get there. I want everything. I guess I am like that with alot of things in life. So many things I love. So little time. I am off to get my shopping started.

Ciao for now
~ Diva'

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I want to run away... far far away.

It has been a very hectic last 6 days. My brother is here from Idaho. He and his boys. We have been trying to sort through what was our life growing up. My parents are both deceased now. We have a family home and all the belongings to go through. A home I lived in all my life. With so many memories. Good and Bad. I have two brothers and two sisters. Two live out of state and two still remain here with me. It seems the two that ventured out of state to live their lives don't remember how it really was growing up. Or choose to have a selective memory about some things. It is driving me crazy. My youngest sister never even made it home 5 yrs prior to my mom's death. Came home for her funeral 6 yrs ago. And didn't come home at all for my father's funeral Nov. 05. So she didn't see my father after my mom's death but goes on and on about what a special relationship she had with my father. But had no communication phone or otherwise for 4 yrs prior to his death. But she is so attached to this and to that and wants this and wants that. All the things that we have built our memories on. We - being the three of us that remained here. The three that took care of my parents. My brother has come home to stake his claim on what he calls his. ( But he had not seen my father since my mother died.) He came home last year and refused to see my father. What a family. I wonder how people like that sleep at night. The youngest and the middle child. They got everything they wanted growing up. And now that our parents are gone they think they should still get everything. Well, I am executer of the estate so they are getting their eyes opened up. Neither is very happy with me at the moment. And I don't even care anymore. I lived here. I took care of both my parents. Why should I hand over my memories and the treasures I gave and shared with my parents to 2 people that cared less about coming home to see them even when they were dying. Why do they pretend to care now? I don't understand. Now their memories are fond and cherished. But before their deaths they couldn't come home and deal with things. It was easier to stay away. Than come home and talk it out. I am ranting here. I am just fed up with the fake feelings and the greed. It has been a rough 6 days with my brother staying at the family home showing no respect for anything there. Just laying around trashing the place like who cares. Well, I care. And I will be glad when HE returns home and we can go about cleaning up his mess once again. And move forward. After this visit I am sure He won't return. 24 hrs until life returns to normal. My rant is over.

- Diva'

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Oh my my .... Billy Currington's new video

This man is so hot. I came across this video late last night and I wanted to share. The beach scene is a plus. But his body is an A+++. He is so Fine. I liked the song prior to seeing the video. I love it now. I want to be that girl.

Here is the link to the video.

He is coming to a club near here in Sept. I am there. Front row center. I am already having heart palpatation. Wait until that night. Enough lusting for now.

ooooooooh my God.

Ciao for now
- Diva'

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Reality TV: "Brat Camp" and "Hooking Up"

A very simple kind of boring post.... Just my tired boring thoughts before bed.

I watched "Brat Camp" again tonight. That show moves me each week. The kids seem to be working through a lot of personal problems. I like the structure that they use to work on the kids. I think it is a show every parent should watch. ABC has a link to check out the Kids and their backgrounds.

Before the series actually started ABC had two of the kids on Good Morning America. So this is prerecorded. The kids are finished with the camp as it's being aired. I hope at the end they reveal where the kids are now and how they are doing.

One of the other new summer shows I have been watching is "Hooking Up". It's about Internet dating. About these same 11 women each week and their journey through online dating. Some of it is pretty lame. There are a lot of shallow people on this show. Again I am curious to see how it all ends. Who will be in a relationship and who will still be looking.

I guess my life is pretty dull. Sitting home watching reality TV. Living through others. Hey, it's safe. Boring. But safe. And sometimes very entertaining.

I am going to stop here and retire for the evening to do some reading. My life is so exciting these days. NOT!!!

Ciao for now

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Seashells and People

“Some of the shells that wash up on the beach were once very beautiful. We don’t know what kind of journey they had to take to get them in their fragile condition. The same is true for people. Be kind.”


Dreaming of Life on the Beach .... cats and all.

It's August 2nd already. Time flies even when you aren't having fun. I have about a month left on my summer leave. And a lot to accomplish in that short period of time. I can be a terrible procrastinator at times. Good Plans, Good Intentions, but not enough motivation. I am working on that. It's so hard in the summer time. I just don't want to be here in this state or state of mind. My mind, body, and soul belongs in another place. The beach, near the ocean, laid back without a care in the world. Someday I will have that. I promise myself that. But I have to keep in mind to have that someday I have to do this now. I have to complete what I was meant to do here in order to get there. It's all a process. I am not a patient person. I want what I want when I want it. No waiting. But as they say Good things come to those who wait. So less procrastination, more motivation, and onward I go. With the my goal of getting back to the beach in mind. It will be a good day. I can feel it.

Ciao for now
- Diva'

Monday, August 01, 2005

Indian Rocks Beach Cam ... It's Back

The Indian Rocks Beach Cam is back Up. Thank God. I was truly having withdrawal. It looks so nice and sunny, warm and very inviting. I want to be there so badly. Sink my toes in the sand and walk along the water. Watch the sun go down. And enjoy the Ocean Breeze. I need to go back. Soon .....

- Diva'