Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday ~ Hump Day

Why do Wednesdays seem so stressful lately? Hump Day in the past never seemed so bad. But lately I don't know. Today I had to go to the dentist. Something I hate. Finish up a root canal. Finally. So that wasn't so bad. But I woke up this morning after being up most of the night with a mission to try to save or back up everything on my computer. Because I thought it was going to take a dump. Let me tell you how bad Dell Customer Service sucks. ALOT. After being on hold last night for over two hours. I then sat on the phone for another two hours troubleshooting with a tech from India. Not just from India. But she was actually talking to me from India. What is happening to our world? First and foremost it is a bit difficult to troubleshoot and try to fix something when you can barely understand the person trying to help you. It became very frustrating. Nothing was working for the first hour and a half of the call. I started making suggestions and finally we tired them and bingo. My dead computer came alive again. Thank the lord. She still insisted I am going to have to dump my hard drive and reload windows and start over. This is not appealing to me. I want to do everything I can first before I go that route. Of course there was no simple solution like let us send you a new hard drive. It's like lets do everything we can to stress you out to the point of wanting to throw the thing out the window and then maybe just maybe we will send someone out. I have a year left on my warranty. I paid for the service. What am I getting? Nothing. But grief. So I spent most of my time today ( aside from the dental appointment) working on the computer. I ran several cleanup programs and deleted alot of stuff, Defraged, etc. Another tech called me around 4 pm to ask if I was ready to dump my hard drive. Let's do it. I said NO LET'S NOT. Was my reply. I told him I had worked on it all day. Done my back ups and other things and it was running much better. Still insisting I said NO THANK YOU. If something happens it dies tomorrow I will call you back. But right now it is running fine. He used remote access checked it out and said he would change some settings and see if that helped more. And it did. We ended the call with him saying I want to call on Friday and see if you want to reload your windows system then. Why would I if it is working fine now? Communication was not there. But of course he was from India and calling from India again. I would never pay for Dell Customer Support again. In fact I am not sure I would buy another dell at this point.

The rest of the day went fine. I watched a few movies. Tried to relax. Checking every now and then to see if my computer died yet. Here I am so You know it's running fine.

I watched the last episode of " Brat Camp ". It was pretty emotional. I was happy to see that most of the kids involved in the program continue to do well after. I wonder if this will be a series or just a summer program only airing once. It was a good show.
I also watched the movie " Wedding Date ". It was pretty good. I think they tried to make Debra Messing look bad. Some parts she really looked old and unattractive. I like her on "Will and Grace". She is pretty funny on there.

I see another possible hurricane to hit Florida. It looks like on the other side away from my favorite beach. I hope it weakens before it hits. NO part of Florida needs any more hurricanes. The beach cam is down again. It went down last Wednesday also. What is it with Wednesday's.

I see this has turned into a chapter instead of a brief update. I will stop here. Time to relax before bed.

Ciao for now
~ Diva'

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