Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Sunday, October 09, 2005


It has been a very emotional last couple of days. With my friend SR's father JR just barely hanging on. I am trying hard to be supportive but it brings back so many emotions. It's truly tough at times. His father is dying of cancer. And it seems to be a very slow painful death. It's hard to believe he is still hanging on at this point. He has not been eating now for almost two weeks. He is thin and frail and seems to be in and out of consciousness. I am not sure he knows or realizes who is there with him. He mumbles a lot. He is on liquid morphine so I know some of that is the pain medicine. SR and his father had an argument a few days ago. Since then they have not been able to have a conversation that makes much sense. I find this very sad. There can't be any resolution about things now. And I don't think the situation will get any better so there can be. This is so sad. When JR passes I know that SR will be in bad shape. He will have regrets and anger and all the emotions that come with losing a parent. I hope he will reach out for help and not run from his feelings.

Fall has arrived. We have had some really chilly evenings. With the temps. dipping into the low 30's bringing frost warnings. I had to turn on the heat on Friday to take the chill off. I think it is much too early for these cold spells. I love fall. But I don't like it when it gets below freezing. The leaves are all changing. They say this week is the peak time for our leaves. Wow time really does fly by. What happened to the month of September.

I went shopping on Saturday. I was not really into it. I was looking for something to wear to a wedding October 15th. It's casual. But I just wanted something new. It has been awhile since I bought anything. So I was going to treat myself. I didn't find anything I liked. I guess I was not really in the mood to shop. I guess I will just dig through my closet and find something I haven't worn in awhile. No one will notice anyway. The wedding is that of a co-worker. The reception and dance should be fun. I am kind of looking forward to it.

Back to work tomorrow. We have been pretty busy the last few weeks. Tomorrow is the deadline for a project. After that is finished things will slow down again. And that means transfers outside the department. What fun. NOT!!!! I have applied for a few jobs outside of my company. So far I haven't heard anything. Resumes were just sent out the middle of last week. So it's early yet.

I have a lot of unresolved things going on in my life right now. I don't really feel like talking about them right now. Maybe I will purge it all later. I am stopping here. I am going to go and relax in front of the TV. Or maybe do some reading.

Ciao for now ...
~ Diva'

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