Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Monday, August 15, 2005


The weekend was great. I was out and about on Friday and Saturday. I stayed in Sunday. I shopped Friday and Saturday. Buying new clothes for going back to work. I always like to treat myself to some new things. It gets me in a better mood for going back to work. Kind of like going back to school. Everyone needs some new things. My taste is changing. It's hard to explain. Except for the fact that I am needing smaller sizes right now. I feel like I need to have more style. Wear more youthful looking things. Fall is right around the corner. I love the new fall look I am seeing. Alot of browns, greens, earth tones. I don't have to dress up for work so that is a plus. But I like to dress nice. I am by no means a fashion statement. But I like to look put together. Not frumpy.

I also bought a few magazines and books. My weakness. I didn't even make it to Barnes and Noble. I purchased my things at Walmart. B and N would have caused alot more damage I am sure. I will stop there later this week. God help me be strong.

I went house hunting with my sister and BI and niece. I love going to open houses. We only looked at 2 this weekend. The one was totally awesome. Only 289,000. My sister is determined to have a new house. I would be perfectly content to have their house. But she can find a million and one things wrong with it. She wants bigger, and newer, and fancier. My niece graduates in 2 years. Why look at a 4-5 bedroom houses. Most of the brand new or newer houses have at least 4 bedrooms. These houses they have been looking at are HUGE. I could move in with them and they would still have plenty of room. We joke about that alot. I have 4 cats. My sis and BI are all allergic. My niece would be in heaven and they would be in HELL. It is so much fun to look. And dream. But I would be perfectly happy with a shack on the beach.

There is no sunshine this morning. Cloudy and cool. I have alot to get accomplished in the next two weeks. Cloudy and cool weather would probably be good for that. I need some ambition. I did some cleaning yesterday and tossed a few things. I need to purge alot more. I wish I could learn to live a very simple life and get rid of all the things I do not need. My house is cluttered. Mostly with books and magazines. And I must confess.... I have too many clothes. I am working on that. If I buy new I have to get rid of the Old.

Well, I am going to get my day started. I have my coffee. No going back to bed. I have to run here comes the sun.... going for a morning walk.

Ciao for now

~ Diva'

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