Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Saturday, March 11, 2006

This Life is Yours

“This life is yours.
Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well.
Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly.
Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature.
Take the power to control your own life.
No one else can do it for you.
Take the power to make your life happy.”

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


OMG.... I did it. I got tickets to Kenny's concert. I am so pumped. I tried for hours this morning to get through online. ( The only way to get them through the fan club ) And finally around noon BINGO. The computer came up with 4 tickets for me. They are on the floor in back but hey we can work our way up. We are in the door. And I am so happy. The tickets were the same price as last year. And we were in the Nose bleed section. It sucked. So I am very happy with these. May 4th we will rockin' with Kenny. WOOOOO HOOOOO !!!!!!!!

Look out Kenny here we come.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tuesday Morning... March 7th, 2006

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Sunday - March 5th, 2006

Wow, what a difference a day makes. Yesterday it was 55 degrees. Today we have snow on the ground. And it's sleeting as I write this. Iowa weather sucks. One of the many reasons that moving to Florida sounds so good.

I went to Curves yesterday and did my work out. It felt so good. I think I am going to like it. Then I came back and did some housework. Including stripping my bed and putting on fresh clean sheets and adding some linen spray. I then jumped on line and checked my mail. And by that time I had the fever to get out and walk. The sun was shinning bright. It was nice and warm with a slight breeze. I put my head phones on and walked and walked and walked. Before I realized it I had been walking for almost 2 hours. And I wasn't even tired. The fresh air felt so damn good. I came back home and had a late lunch. Read some of my book and then put in one of my netflix movies "Just Like Heaven" with Reese Witherspoon. It was a cute little movie. After that I had the urge to get outside again. So I went out and picked up my yard. And I couldn't stand it anymore. I came back in and got my headphones and went out walking again. I was only about an hour this time. The sun was starting to go down and it was getting colder. But it still felt good. All the walking I have been doing helps me sleep better at night. I think it's the fresh air. I was drifting off to sleep in the chair early in the evening but I fought it and stayed up until around 10pm. And then I slept in this morning until around 830. That is late for me. My fresh clean sheets felt so darn good. Along with my 4 cuddling Cats. I don't have much on my agenda today. Since the weather isn't very good. At least right now. Who knows what the afternoon might bring. I would like to get out and walk for awhile at some point. I am definitely not going to be going shopping. I am trying to keep myself from spending any unnecessary money. So I am staying out of the stores. I will need to go to the grocery store at some point today. I am out of milk. And my son will be here this afternoon ( our usual every other Sunday thing ). So I need to get some ice cream and some cheese and extra stuff to add to the pizza. We have a pizza night every other Sunday night he has off. We watch movies and eat pizza and talk. Something I always look forward too.

I do hope to get time in for reading. I am still reading "Lovers and Players" by Jackie Collins. I have 10 books out from the library. I have to get busy. Several are due back on March 13th. I know I can't conquer all of them by then. I will give it a good effort.
I better get my day started. Wow two postings in row. Is that a record for me or what? I hope to keep it up.

Ciao for now.

~Diva in Iowa

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday - March 4th, 2006

I woke up to sunshine. We are supposed to have rain or snow today. I hope the weather man messed up. We have had a great last 4 days. Warm temps and sunshine most of the time. Can you say SPRING FEVER. Oh Yeah. I have been walking a lot lately. Trying to get two walks in a day. I walk on my lunch break for 15 minutes. And then again between 230 and 4 for a least an hour. I put my head phones on tune out the world and walk, walk, walk. I have decided after visiting Curves last week that I am going to join up. They are waving the membership fee ( $75 ) if you bring in a bag of food for donation. And then it's $30 a month for direct debt, or $39 cash, or $330 a year. So I think it is a real good deal. The only problem is their hours don't exactly work with my schedule. They close in the afternoon from 1-4 and open again from 4-7. And on Saturdays they are only open for a few hours in the am. I am going to make it work. I need some kind of work out. And this is a good place to start. I am signed up and ready to go. I am going to go this morning. And then I plan on going at least 3 days during the week. Wish me luck.

I am waiting to hear about the presale for the Kenny Chesney Concert tickets. They officially go on Sale next Saturday. So I hope they announce the sale soon. I want tickets so bad. It should be a great concert.

Work is going well. We were busy all week. Busy is good. I love when we are busy so I can turn on the CD Player and tune out the world. This week I was listening to books on tape from the library. Yesterday I stopped and picked up the new Bon Jovi CD so I might start off Monday by listening to music. I recently purchased the NEW Garth Brooks CD. It is really good. I listen to it daily along with Kenny's new one. A good way to start my drive to work.

Still dreaming of Florida. Hoping and Praying to be able to go in July. I need the beach. And I need pool time with my best friend. So we have to make it work out. I crave the smell, the feel of the sand between my toes, and the relaxation of being with my best friend. Pool therapy.

I am going to get my day started and head to Curves. Maybe I will get more time here later.
Ciao for Now .....

~ Diva in Iowa