Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday -April 15th, 2006

I am back. It's been awhile again. Things have been busy with work. Getting some extra hours and the money is great. The department was downsized so there may be hope of keeping the job after all. I hope so. The benny's are very good. And I am so used to working only 9 months out of the year I am not sure I could go back to 12 months or a regular 8-4 or 9-5 job. I am so spoiled. I really like my job for a lot of reasons.

We have a beautiful day here today. After the bad storms of the week this is a nice change. We had temps in the 80's for 3 days straight. Very unusual for April in Iowa. And it stirred up some bad stuff and we had Tornados all around us on Thursday evening. The closest little town 15 mins. from me had 6 touch down there. Several buildings were destroyed. A lot of minor injuries. And only 1 death. Which was pretty unbelievable when you see the destruction that was left behind. Today lots of sunshine and its currently the 60's with a wonderful breeze coming in the windows. But a chance of rain later today. Welcome to Iowa.

Things are definite for Florida. Tickets are bought. We just need to reserve a place to stay. I will have that done in the next week. I am so excited. I am craving the beach so much. One of my co-workers in heading there next week. I told her I am so jealous. Gosh a whole week of the beach. It's going to be great.

Other good news.... I just got a call from a local realtor. There are two people interested in my dad's house. I am showing one of them Monday. This may be it. It has sat empty for over a year with paying bills on it all that time. It's time to let it go. I have thought about moving into it myself. If I didn't have my home I would be serious about it. But It's just not practical for me to do it. So I have to let it go. No matter how hard it's going to be. It's time to move forward and get on with Life. It would put me in a great position to get debt free. That is a big thing. And then if I wanted to make that actual move to Florida or anywhere else it would be a whole lot easier. Or even if I wanted to open that book store here I could. So it would be a very positive move. My fingers are crossed.

I am still reading but not as much. Currently reading "Savannah Breeze" by Mary Kay Andrews. I have several books checked out from the library. And several on hold. Also still buying them used. I need that book store.

My little boy had a birthday this week. GOD do I feel old. He turned 27. That's right I am an old lady. I can still the morning he was born. It took forever for him to come into this world. He has been my good luck charm. Being born on Friday the 13th. At 6:07am weighing 6lbs 7oz. My lucky numbers have been 7, 6, and 13. We are taking him out for dinner tomorrow as a late celebration. He will probably pick LoneStar Steak House.

I better stop here and post this and get some house work done. I am so enjoying the nice breeze blowing through here. So are the cats. Back again soon.

Ciao for now,
Diva in Iowa

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