Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday ..The latest News

Here we are it's April already. Wow time flies and I am not even having fun. March was a stressful month for a lot of reasons. I am hoping April will be easier on me. I am getting extra time a work. I am sure that won't last. Every little bit helps. So for now I will go with the flow. We got our bonus checks on Friday. That was real nice. First time in the 11.5 years I have worked there that there has ever been a bonus given. I have put mine away to spend on myself later. I deserve it.

Speaking of deserving something. Vacation. Yes, Yes, Yes, we are going to Florida. I got my best friend committed to it. July 8th-15th back to the beach. I am so excited. It will be great. I have been dreaming of it since we left. I crave the Ocean. This time my sister and niece will be going with us. Hopefully it won't dampen our time. We can leave them in the room at night and go out and do whatever we want. I am taking my geritol already getting my old body ready for a GRAND Time. Tattoos are in the future. We are going to do it this time. I am not going to chicken out. Something small. We will do it asap on the first or second day. 4 short months and we will be soaking up the Sun, sand and the sea. I am so excited. We are definitely not taking as many bags this time. I will pack much lighter. We can always do laundry if we need to. Hauling those bags around last time SUCKED.

So now I have something to look forward to. I need to concentrate on keeping my eating on track so I don't have any problems when we are away. I could stand to lose another 30 lbs at least. It's a big target but the main goal will to be keeping things on track so I don't have any flare ups while we are away. Because that will ruin my time. I am still going to Curves so that has helped me tone up some. I am going to work hard the next few months.

I think Spring has finally sprung here in Iowa. We have started having thunderstorms. Twice this week it was heavy wind and rain. Lots of Lightening last night. The temps have been slowly rising. Yesterday it was in the 60's no sunshine but it was still sweet. Nice walking weather. I love it.

I have been reading but not as much as I did in January. Since I last posted I have finished "Lovers and Players by Jackie Collins and "Night Fever" by Diana Palmer. both were excellent. I am reading a few more right now. "Alone" by Lisa Gardner and "Terri" by Michael Shiavo. The book about Terri Shiavo really surprises me. I knew she had an eating disorder but I never dreamed her parents were the way they were. I know this is written by her husband but it can't all be a lie. It's shocking. I also have another book checked out about Scott Peterson. "A Deadly Game" by Catherine Crier. It's pretty shocking too. He is a true nut case.

I am going to stop here. I think I need to get out and get some fresh air. So I am going to go for a walk before it starts raining again.

Ciao for now,
Diva in Iowa

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