Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday - July 03, 2006

The Purple Hat ladies:
lft to rgt. TG, Sb, Me, and JK

Ok I am back... believe it or not and it hasn't even been a week. I am going to share a photo here. I didn't think I would ever do this - share a personal photo of myself here but somehow I feel ok doing it. This is a photo that was taken on Saturday. At my girlfriend Tammy's house. We relaxed in her pool after the movie at the IMAX. Crazy as we all are we decided to form a new group. We are going to call ourselves "The Purple Hat Ladies". I will tell you more about our little group in my future posts. We had a great time on Saturday. It was a gathering we had been talking about for a long time. So it was finally great to actually do it. We had a blast.
Countdown to Florida ... 5 Days. Excitement is mounting for all of us. Maybe I will get brave and add more personal photos when we get back. You never know. I don't think I have an abundance of readers here if I do they are hiding in the shadows.
I have to run and get some thing done around here. Is anyone that is reading this and posting in their own blogs here having trouble posting? It takes forever to get the post to go through. Let alone a photo attachment. What's up with that?
'Diva in Iowa'

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