Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Happy Saturday!

I am so glad OD is still working. I really missed posting here and reading my favorites. Lets hope that doesn't happen again.

It's a beautiful day here in Iowa. The sun is shinning and the high is suppose to be 70. Awesome. Yesterday it got up to 90. So it will be a nice change. We did get some rain around 7pm. It was still raining when I fell asleep around 11 pm. Tomorrow is the first official day of Fall. I'm loving it.

Our high school game was away last night. West Branch played BMG. WB
won so were are still undefeated. I don't remember what the score was. I hope WB goes all the way this year. They have made it to the play offs several years in a row now. But the first game in the playoffs is usually where it ends. So here's hoping they go all the way. The Iowa Hawkeyes play Wisconsin today. The game is televised on ABC @ 7pm. I hope Iowa plays better this week. I will watch the game later.
Work has really been tedious and stressful this week. We finally finished those Maryland Essays on Friday. Hopefully they won't find more. We will be working on ASE ( automotive service excellence) registrations next. That is one of the few jobs we do that is outside of the education area. It is registration for mechanics who have to take certain tests to stay certified. We do it twice a year. What we basically do is key in the information they provide on the form. So we have the paper form with their ssn, full name, dob, address, and what tests they need to sign up for, where they are testing and who is paying for the tests whether it be their employer or themselves.The biggest challenge with those forms is being able to read the handwriting. We key this information into a data base provided by the processor. We also have other work we do while working on this project. Mostly ACT, and SAT registration. And then a little later the responses to the SAT questions. That is one of my favorite projects. We used to have a lot more projects. It would be nothing to work on 20 different things in a day. And it used to be in the fall we would work 7 days a week nonstop all through fall. Not anymore. Scanning machines are slowly replacing data input. It makes me sad. I really do like my job. Especially when we have a variety of work.

I went to Super Walmart yesterday after work. I need to pick up a few things. And I also wanted to get a baby gift for a good friend (Diane) of mine. She is a former co worker. We have been friends for several years. And she had been trying for years to get pregnant. Finally it happened. She is almost 40. She had a baby girl on Tuesday Sept. 18th. she was 5 lbs 13ozs. Danielle Renee Byrn. I am so happy for her. It's always been her biggest wish to be a Mom. I will be seeing her on Sunday so I picked
up some sleepers and little caps, and a stuffed bunny. While I was there I saw some things on sale that would fit Emma ( my good friend's grandbaby - that she is sharing with me. =) ). So I picked up a cute little shirt, and a cute shirt with winnie the pooh on it and little leggins with it. I also got her a precious moments stuffed little girl you press her tummy and she is saying her prayers. It is so cute. I was having a great time in the baby department. I hope I get to become a real grandma someday.

I am really rattling on here today. Anyone reading this has probably fallen asleep. I am not sure what I am going to do today until the game comes on. I have housework of course. But I really want to spend some time outside. So I will probably do some reading outside, and get a couple walks in with my IPOD on. What I really wish I could do is call up my
bestest friend and go have coffee and browse the bookstores and then later have a late lunch. And just Chit chat. I miss her. We need to have a girls weekend real soon. Hint ..Hint... I will meet you half way. Pick the date.

I will stop here. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoy.
Ciao for now.....

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