Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Tuesday, August 02, 2016


I do know how true this statement is. 
Lately fighting depression and illness and not feeling worth very much. I am feeling robbed of happiness. It is so easy for a person to wallow in sorrow. To do the woe is me. It's all about me thing. I think it becomes easy to fall into that mindset if you tend to cut yourself off from people and are not getting out.

 I work at home and I do love that. But I think it tends to isolate a person so much it can become hard to go out among people just to do ordinary things. Like grocery shop, or even visit friends and family. I am finding it's very important for me to stay connected and make myself go out. Even if its just for groceries. A few times a week. Even for a few hours.

So i push to go out for a walk in the Mornings before I sign into work. To make weekly trips to the library. Do weekly grocery shopping. And then try to connect with family or friends on the weekends if I am not working. 

You have to take control of your life and sometimes push yourself to get out and do things that make you happy.  Happiness is an Inside job as the saying goes. You are in control of your happiness. So get out there and "Live, Love, and Laugh".  Life is too short not to be happy.

Peace and Love to All

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