Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Iowa Lady Loves The Ocean

Saturday, July 30, 2005

It's very early Saturday morning. I am wide awake. I just fell asleep about 3 hours ago. What's up with that. I have no place to be at this hour. And I certainly don't feel like doing anything. I have the TV on for noise. (why?) Not sure. The cats are of course content they have been feed and received their morning treats. They now have retreated to their favorite places. Two sitting in windows, and two sitting in chairs sleeping. If I was to decide to lay back down they would all come running to be with me. Oh the love.

I have a pot of coffee brewing. The newspaper waiting. And eggs or French toast waiting for breakfast. The Soap channel is on. Catching up with the weekly dirt. Oh what a Life. I would much rather be heading for the beach. Just in time for sunrise and shell searching. Sand between my toes and warm ocean water splashing on my feet when I wish. Now that is the life I want. I checked my favorite web cam. It's still broken. It got wet the other day and it seems to be stuck on that day's image. That's sucks. I am going to email the resort and tell them I need my web cam fix. They probably don't know it's not working.

I am going to the movies today with a friend and co worker. We are seeing "Must Love Dogs". It looks like it's not getting good reviews. I don't always trust the reviews on yahoo. The trailer looks good. I have been watching the new show on abc "Hooking Up". It's based on these same women and their experience with internet dating. Some weeks I think it's kind of far fetched. Or maybe I am just not living in reality. Being out of the dating scene for awhile. And I have never really gotten into the internet dating thing. I have a few adds still out there. But don't even check the email. In the past it has been a waste of time. Maybe I am just not aggressive enough.

One summer show I could give good reviews for "Brat Camp". It is an excellent show. The raw emotion of the kids gets to me every week. I don't like that they named it Brat Camp. But it is an excellent show. I would love to see a happy ending for all of the kids. I will stay tuned.

Coffee is done. I am off here to eat something and read the paper. I will post more later no doubt.

Ciao for now.
- Diva

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